Renting-to-Own Can Potentially Be the Future of Housing

By January 20, 2016 No Comments

With the constant inflation in renting prices, coupled with the difficulty for many young home buyers to put the 3% down payment for a mortgage, prospective buyers are looking for new ways to attain a home.  Home Partners of America is offering an exciting innovative new method of renting-to-own.

Home Partners of America is working with prospective home buyers looking to purchase a home, but simply cannot financially afford the cost up front.  Luckily renting-to-own will allow you to rent out the home and will give you the opportunity to eventually buy it from your landlord at a later date when you can actually afford to pay off the homes purchase price.

A major upside to Home Partners of America is that a prospective buyer can choose from a large pool of houses that they wish to live in, and can then be placed in those homes based on a rent-to-own lease agreement that will lock in the purchase price. It will also even take a certain portion of your monthly lease payment and credit it towards the purchase price of the home should you decide to eventually purchase and keep the home.

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