How to Find Homes Across Town and Even Across the Country

By February 6, 2016 No Comments

Finding a solid house to rent can take quite a bit of time, especially if you’re moving across the country into an unfamiliar housing market. Here are some crucial tips on how to begin looking.

Ask around:

If you are planning a move across town, friends can ask friends about houses that are available for you. Everybody knows somebody who passes a “for rent” sign on the way to work or driving around town. Somebody may even have a relative who is looking for a trustworthy tenant.

A cross-country search calls for casting a wider net. Contacting friends or family members who live in your new city or who know someone who has taken up residency there can offer some valuable information on that location. Alumni networks and social media friends can help. Ask them for some recommendations on the desirable neighborhoods and houses in that area. Maybe they can even send you pictures of the area!

Search Online:

Broaden your search online so that you don’t limit your hunt to only one Website. Check out the classifieds on the Website of the local daily newspaper. Peruse the local weekly paper and shoppers.

Once you’ve found a prospect, you can use Google for a street view of the house and scope out the neighborhood remotely. You’d be surprised how useful a Google walking tour can be.

Enlist a Real estate agent:

Real estate agents known as “relocation specialists” can help renters find prospective neighborhoods and available properties that fit exactly within your desired budget and preferences. Find out whether the relocation specialist charges you a fee or whether he or she works on commission paid by the property owner in exchange for the finding of potential tenants.

Nothing Beats In Person:

When your search narrows down to the place you want to call home, make every effort to go see the house in person. Even if you have to make a quick trip to your new city, you’ll want to make sure the house matches the description and is exactly what you want before you sign the lease.