Renters Insurance Protects You Against Losses

By January 21, 2016 No Comments

No one ever imagines losing everything they own in a possible fire or a hurricane, but catastrophes happen every day. Pipes will inevitably burst during hard freezes, and water damage can leave your house ruined. If a catastrophe unfortunately hits your rented house, homeowner’s insurance will cover the losses for damage to your landlord’s building. But it won’t help you with replacing your furniture, clothing and electronics.

Whether you are considering renting a house or have already made the move, renters insurance should definitely be at the top of your considerations. For a measly amount of often less than a dollar a day, renters can acquire help in replacing personal property that could be potentially valued at thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, renters insurance can also help protect you from a liability lawsuit if someone is accidentally injured in your home. It will aid with any living costs you may sustain if you are forced to relocate after a natural catastrophe. Regardless of any liability claims, renters insurance can pay the medical bills of a visitor who is hurt in an accident in your house so that you won’t have to.

Renters insurance can also give you the added protection against the cost of losses that arise from potential theft, vandalism, plumbing issues, fire, windstorm or hail, and even a car hitting your rented house.

It’s now easier than ever to go online and get quotes from leading insurers to find out how much you will pay for renter’s insurance. Consulting your insurance agent is also another fast and very effective way of finding out about discounts available to those who buy auto insurance and renter’s insurance policies from the same company. Your agent also can tell you about any extended coverage available beyond the basic renter’s insurance policy.

Remember that price alone should not be the sole factor in determining which company you choose. Be sure to carefully look at each company’s coverage, customer service, claims payments and the company’s overall financial stability. You should always be sure that your insurer will be there for you the moment you need them most.